Halloween fun at Midnight Apothecary

Invasion of the Jack o’ Lanterns
(picture: bumblingacrossletterboxes.blogspot.com)

A fun-filled evening at Brunel Museum on Saturday 27th October, the rain, wind and cold did not deter us!

Lottie Muir, master gardener and drinks purveyor behind Midnight Apothecary, plied the cocktails: Hot Buttered Rum, Out of this Gourd + Eyeball-tini – all went down a treat.  I had the Hot Buttered Rum – it’s all of your autumn memories, distilled into a glass; comforting with a kick!   To shake things up I also tried the ‘Eyeball-tini’, it would have been rude not to on Bond’s 50th Anniversay!

Scrumptious bites supplied by Julie Friend, I managed to smuggle behind my table some sausage rolls and a super-root soup, there were some delectable sweet treats too, which I was unable to fit into my overflowing hands, next time ….!

The rain came and the bar moved inside, so as thirsty queues passed my table, I plied Bertie Bott jelly beans and marshmallow pumpkins to kids + adults alike, a captive audience for my aromatic treats.

Big thumbs up for my softening salt soaks,  particularly ‘In a Bath Darkly’ which was a spooky concoction of black  clay, black salt, red clay, raspberry powder, Vanilla, Rose + Geranium and topped with fragrant dried Rose Petals, heady, alluring stuff.

My ‘Scary Spiced Pumpkin bath melts’ sold out, a kid friendly blend of Ginger, Orange + Benzoin, in a Beeswax, Aloe butter, Cocoa butter and jojoba oil blend.  They were almost palm size, so a big, hot bath needed for a maximum melting experience!

Spritzes galore on my bat-shaped smell strips  (painstakingly cut out by yours truly over the week!) from the 3 perfumes I created for the evening:

Autumn Spice – a refreshing, zingy blend of ginger, nutmeg, orange, lemon, grapefruit, cedrat, with a hint of cacao, benzoin + vetiver in the base.

Vampage – my Vampire inspired blend, using Immortelle (its a pun too good to miss), Tuberose, Jasmine, Wild Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, and a few other secrets – a hypnotic blend to lure you in!

Violet Vapours – proved a popular alternative, based around Orris root and Violet leaf, with Patchouli + Tonka bean in the base, a dash of floral with Orange flower+ geranium, with some greenery supplied by Galbanum + Mint absolute to lift and brighten; had quite a green, ethereal, powdery note.

Thankfully the evening dried out, the magically lit garden was back in action with a firebowl and the remains of my dry ice was used to foggy effect to create a momentary cloud of midnight eerieness.

the smokin’ pumpkins

We are all back again, this Saturday for a Bonfire event, so fingers crossed for a dry and a smokin’ evening.   I am back to the table, preparing some fiery potions in honour of Bonfire Night.


About The Perfume Mistress

"If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then the nose is the doorway to your imagination" The Perfume Mistress Hello, by day I am a clinical aromatherapist and tutor, with over 10 years of working with natural materials and essential oils, by night I delve into the art of botanical perfumery, reading and smelling all things olfactory. I have set up the 'Nosetrodami Club' offering scentsory talks, discussions and master-classes on all topics and themes olfactive. I also offer one and two day workshops in the art of natural perfumery, natural and organic body & skincare. My inspirations range from the mundane to the metaphysical, the hum-drum to the hyperbolic which you may see reflected in my posts.
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