Hallowe’en event – a Feast for the Senses


For me Autumn proper starts when the calendar hits October. Leaves are falling – red, russet, saffron and gold, the nights are drawing in earlier, the air has a woody, smoky ‘snap’ to it and my thoughts turn to comforting, warm, sustaining foods and for rich amber, spice and earthy smells to envelop me.  ‘Tis also the month for the mystery and magic of Hallowe’en or All Hallows Eve.

This year I am really excited to be part of an event organised by Midnight Apothecary, to be held in the atmospheric Brunel Museum.   It shall be a feast for the senses, with alcoholic potions,  gourmet bites and me providing autumnal aromas and spooky scents for kids and adults alike.

More information here:


And now back to my cauldron, fragrant alchemy waits for no-one.  I am concocting some devilishly  ghoulish things … liquorice bat droppings anyone!?

creepy concoctions in my secret lab
(picture credit: crimsonpoppy.blogspot.com)

About The Perfume Mistress

"If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then the nose is the doorway to your imagination" The Perfume Mistress Hello, by day I am a clinical aromatherapist and tutor, with over 10 years of working with natural materials and essential oils, by night I delve into the art of botanical perfumery, reading and smelling all things olfactory. I have set up the 'Nosetrodami Club' offering scentsory talks, discussions and master-classes on all topics and themes olfactive. I also offer one and two day workshops in the art of natural perfumery, natural and organic body & skincare. My inspirations range from the mundane to the metaphysical, the hum-drum to the hyperbolic which you may see reflected in my posts.
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